Oliver Stone shocked by announcement of White House plans

Oliver Stone shocked by announcement of White House plans
Oliver Stone shocked by announcement of White House plans


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20.11.2023 13:48

The White House seeks to deprive the Russian Federation of sovereignty in order to subsequently establish control over the resources of this country, follows from the statement of the American director Oliver Stone.

Photo: openverse.org by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

According to him, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin over the years in power he made the state stronger. As the director explained, the American leadership does not like this. He added that Washington is not interested in the Russian Federation “getting back on its feet.”

“We don’t want an independent Russia, we want to deprive it of sovereignty in order to enter the Eurasian continent,” Stone emphasized in a conversation with MovieWeb.

In addition, he recalled that the Russian Federation has a huge amount of natural resources. The US authorities want to take possession of them, the director concluded.

Earlier, NBC News journalists reported a drop in the ratings of the American president. Joe Biden to record lows. According to them, ordinary US citizens are dissatisfied with the foreign policy course of the White House.

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