The death toll in Gaza exceeded 13.3 thousand people


The enclave government’s information center announced that the death toll in the Gaza Strip since the start of Israeli strikes has exceeded 13.3 thousand people, and more than 31 thousand have been injured, reports.

The center announced this via Telegram.

“The number of dead (in the Gaza Strip) exceeded 13.3 thousand people, among them more than 5.6 thousand children… the number of wounded exceeded 31 thousand,” the report says.

The conflict between Palestinian radicals and Israel flared up with renewed vigor on October 7 after an attack by Hamas militants on Israeli border settlements. As a result of the attack, 1.4 thousand people were killed, more than 200 were taken hostage. The IDF responded with massive shelling of the Gaza Strip and subsequently launched a ground operation in the Palestinian enclave to completely destroy Hamas.

Read all the news about the conflict between Hamas and Israel here.

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