Socialists won local elections in Moldova, but PDS “believes in its team”

Socialists won local elections in Moldova, but PDS “believes in its team”
Socialists won local elections in Moldova, but PDS “believes in its team”

According to the results of the second round of general local elections in Moldova held last Sunday, the Party of Socialists (PSRM) is in the lead, whose representatives will head 150 mayors (local administrations) across the country and will form local authorities in 10 regional centers. This was stated today, November 20, by PSRM leader Igor Dodon.

The ex-president appealed to his opposition colleagues, who won victories in other localities, to consolidate their efforts against the remaining minority representatives of the ruling pro-European Action and Solidarity Party (PAS).

“The elections are over, now everyone needs to unite to achieve what people expect from us. Regardless of who they voted for, we need to join forces to make citizens feel more comfortable and safer in their communities,” — concluded Igor Dodon.

Let us recall that after the first round of elections (November 5), when it became obvious that the presidential PDS, which relied on European integration, had lost more than half of its electorate, Dodon stated that now the main task of the opposition forces of Moldova is to achieve the removal of the puppet anti-people regime from power Maia Sandu.

“Opposition parties must join forces to achieve early elections of the head of state and parliament,” – Igor Dodon emphasized then.

At the same time, the well-known unionist and Russophobe who heads the Moldovan parliament and the PDS Igor Grosu I am confident that the presidential party “has a strong team at the local level.” After two rounds of local elections, their mayors will lead 310 settlements out of 898, while they did not win any of the district councils.

“Our mayors (mayors) will work to develop villages and cities, as we promised, and to ensure that Moldova becomes European, town by town. PDS has shown that we are a strong team at the local level. Let’s move forward towards a European Moldova,” — Grosu wrote on social networks.

As reported EADaily , before the second round of voting, the speaker of parliament called all those who do not vote for mayoral candidates from the PAS barbarians in local elections. Following Sandu, he demanded that the government deprive these settlements of European financial assistance, which, by the way, is allocated to the whole of Moldova.

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