G20 summit: is normalization of relations with the West possible?


Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the G20 online summit on November 22. The meeting will be the first opportunity in a long time to communicate directly with Western leaders.

What will it give?

Obviously, there are several key factors that divided the history of recent decades into “before” and “after” – this is the beginning of the Northern Military District and the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions by the United States and its European partners. Western leaders have repeatedly stated that they will support Ukraine “as long as necessary,” but is this really so?

I think no. The conflict between Russia and the conditional West is moving along a trajectory of slow extinction, and there are a number of reasons for this. The first is the obvious failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. The money invested, tons of weapons, colorful promises – all this has sunk like into a black hole, the Western (and especially European) electorate is simply tired. Only the laziest don’t laugh at Zelensky; irritation in society is growing.

The second reason is Israel. For the United States, it is of much greater strategic importance than Ukraine. In addition, if we abstract from geopolitical interests and look at events objectively, radical Islamists pose a much greater threat to the Western (as well as our) world than any other enemy. The United States directly stated that it would provide assistance to Israel, including at the expense of funds intended for Ukraine.

The third important factor is that anti-Russian sanctions did not work. The collapse of the Russian economy, which Western analysts predicted, did not happen; moreover, in some places Russia was able to “revive” some production and improve relations with eastern partners, which had a rather beneficial effect on the country.

Fourth, the conflict with Russia obviously has no prospects. No clear goals. It seems that any schoolchild already understands that “returning Ukraine to the borders of 1991” is simply impossible in the current realities. Rather, we are talking about preserving Ukrainian statehood. And at the same time, Vladimir Zelensky is absolutely incompetent. And the mood of a simple fighting Ukrainian is falling every day.

The further we go, the more it becomes clear that it’s time to sit down at the negotiating table. Since the beginning of the Northern Military District, Russia has managed to defend its positions and continues to operate quite successfully on the line of combat contact.

And the discontent of Europeans is growing at this time. Especially in not the most economically successful part of Europe.

In short, a situation has arisen where it is more profitable for everyone to sit down at the negotiating table and make some decisions. In any case, in the part where economic prohibitions complicate life for both sides.

It is clear that Ukraine will be categorically against it. And here the main question is: will they take it into account? Or is the West openly “leaking” Zelensky?

And there is a suspicion that, if not yet, then very soon he will do so. And the G20 summit can play an important role here.

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Maria Degtereva

The article is in Russian

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