All conditions have been created: how a Tver artist settles in the spacious premises of the former registry office

Since September 1, it has become even more comfortable for young talents of the Serov Art School to study. Not only in the new building, but also in the historical one on Zhelyabova.

“In the neighboring house, the windows are yellow, in the evenings, in the evenings …” – this is how the classic Alexander Blok wrote about the factory. But on Tchaikovsky Avenue, 31, in Tver, the windows are lit in the evenings, because students of the Serov Art School are studying there. Huge windows are not curtained, and those passing by can admire the working young painters.

Lessons are already in full swing. No matter what class you look in, young people everywhere create drawings and paintings with concentration from nature or from memory. In each office, objects for still lifes or plaster heads seem to have settled for a while. Fortunately, the new building also has a room for those objects that will later be depicted on the canvases of young artists, and even a closet for graduation theses of past years.

“These are the largest classrooms we have at the school. They will be convenient for work for both children and teachers. The location of this building is also very convenient – it is close to the railway station, because children from the region come to us by trains. And, in general, it is convenient to get here from anywhere in the city,” said Irina Lelchitskaya, director of the Art School named after Serov, at the opening of classes on Tchaikovsky Street.

An excursion to Tchaikovsky was conducted by a methodologist, art critic and teacher Daria Borisova. We go into the classroom, where students are poring, depicting a teapot, a mug and an apple on paper. You can’t help but wonder how differently the creators see the same objects.

– It is very good to work here, the classes are free, spacious, bright. All conditions here are created for the study of children. And the mood is completely different: in the new academic year – with a new building, – says teacher, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Galina Kamardina.

The building on Tchaikovsky, 31, where the Tver central registry office used to be, was handed over to the Serov Art School by decision of the authorities. And the Central Registry Office is now located on Svobodny Lane, where the building of the former bus station was beautifully and modernly renovated under it. The classrooms on Tchaikovsky Street underwent cosmetic repairs, taking into account all the needs of the educational institution. The decision was actively supported by the governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya.

Recall that it was Galina Fedorovna, whose work experience has already exceeded 35 years, at the opening of a new department of the school presented her work “Ancient Tver – a ship with a bird.”

One of her students is a girl with a beautiful surname Shaab. Alisa Schaab tries to get only excellent grades and wants to become an artist.

– I really like it here, big bright rooms. I am studying for the second year, most of all I like to draw with paints. Well, with pencils too, create work in computer graphics lessons. I like to draw everything – both nature and people, – said Alice.

In another class at this moment, an art history lesson is being given to the children. They explain what strokes can be, how painting styles have changed and how to distinguish Manet from Monet. However, jokes aside, a projector was installed for the students, and they studied the paintings of the masters by examples.

In another room behind easels, the students painted landscapes from memory. A bridge across the river and a darkened pre-stormy sky appeared on Alexandra Unzhakova’s sheet. This is a sketch for the future landscape.

“Here, in the office, everything is fine in terms of lighting, but there is a very strong echo,” the interlocutor does not distract from work, answering briefly and to the point. – I actually went to the art school, because I really like to draw. Two years later, I realized that I want to connect my life with this and will continue to study in this direction.

The girl’s idols are Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet, but she does not seek to imitate, she is looking for her way in the fine arts.

In the computer class, students who have been learning the art of painting for the third year already are doing work on an autumn theme. Boys and girls are learning Photoshop by making a collage of images and photos of fruits, vegetables and other gifts of nature.

– No, this hero will not have a name. I decided to enter here in order to have additional points when entering a university. In the future I want to become a cartoonist, I draw characters that could later be in cartoons on leaflets or in Photoshop. For example, a girl who has leaves instead of hair, – said Victoria Lebedeva.

On the screen, Victoria Lebedeva has a hero with a pumpkin head and a banana necklace around his neck. His body is in the shape of a cabbage. In general, creative.

As you know, all art school teachers paint pictures themselves. And in the new building on Tchaikovsky Avenue, the works of Lyubov Lazakovich are already presented at her first solo exhibition. Her landscapes were painted not only in the Tver region – also in Lipetsk, the village of Argamach-Palna in the Yelets district and other settlements. Lyubov Alexandrovna has been working in an educational institution for more than 20 years.

– Very often I go to the open air in different parts of the Tver region. Every summer, thanks to our administration (art school. – Ed.), We go to the plein air – to the Academic Dacha near Vyshny Volochek. This is how we improve our qualifications,” Lyubov Lazakovich explained.

Lyubov Lazakovich shows a picture painted in the village of Georgians in the Torzhok region, on which the light falls beautifully. At the same time, an interesting fact is that the landscape is not painted on canvas, but on cardboard. It must be said that the children themselves regularly go “to the fields” in spring and autumn; for plein air classes.

You can watch a short video report from the walls of the Serov School here. After the opening of the new building, the classrooms became more spacious – it became more convenient for the children to set up easels and work.

At the end of the summer, people became worried: “But what about the building on Zhelyabov Street? Will there be no artist there now?” The portal went to the historic building on Zhelyabov Street and looked at what was happening there.

In a two-story old building, classes are still held by students of the Serov Art School. No changes. It must be said that this institution has a rich history and was established in Kalinin immediately after the Great Patriotic War. Therefore, the school, which is famous for its graduates and traditions, is only expanding and recruiting new students.

Classes at an art school are additional education, i.e. children after secondary school come to the lessons of drawing, painting, composition, computer graphics, art history, etc. After graduating from an educational institution, teenagers can go both along the artistic path and choose a different path.

“Our students are going to different universities. Now we are actively cooperating with TVGU, where we opened the corresponding specialty. All paths are open, – says Alena Valovago, teacher and head of the Zhelyabovsky department of the Serov Art School.

Alena Sergeevna asks the students to hang their work on easels and tells them how to correct their mistakes. Someone advises to depict foam on the crest of a wave, someone – to choose a different shade, but someone does not need to be corrected. For their work, children receive grades, and also pass exams when moving to the next grade.

– I have been working at the school for 11 years already, and it’s great when you first study in art, and then you come as a teacher. Home walls! Young personnel regularly come to us, – Alena Sergeevna comments.

Alena Valovago herself has been practicing the painting technique for the second year, when she works with oil paints “under watercolor or pastel”. In addition, the resident of Tver is engaged in icon painting, as she has rich experience in this field of activity.

In total, 420 people study at the educational institution on the budget – 220 students will go to Tchaikovsky, another 100 to Proletarka and Zhelyabov. Another 1,500 children in the paid department are those who do not fall into the main category of students by age. The institution also teaches adult residents of Tver who are drawn to creativity. In total – about 2000 people practicing fine arts.

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