How does Deathloop work on Xbox Series S/X consoles? Performance overview and comparison with PS5

How does Deathloop work on Xbox Series S/X consoles? Performance overview and comparison with PS5
How does Deathloop work on Xbox Series S/X consoles? Performance overview and comparison with PS5

Deathloop has already been released on the Xbox Series and in this article we will analyze how the game works on all consoles now

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A year after the release on PC / PS5, the game finally made it to the Xbox Series consoles. But before we get into the performance on the box, let’s first take a look at how the game works on the PS5 and what modes were there at all.

1. PS5

On release, there were only three modes:

  • Performance (medium resolution 1440p, 60 fps)
  • Quality (dynamic 4K, up to 60 fps)
  • Ray tracing (4K, 30 fps)

However, with the latest update, a fourth was added with support for 120 fps. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it out, since my capture card does not support this mode, so we will limit ourselves to showing only three.

You can see how the game worked on release at Digital Foundry. But a year later, quite a lot of updates have already been released and I decided to test the game on the latest version.

Let’s start from the very start of the game and the performance mode:

Immediately at the beginning we observe a stable 60 fps

The performance mode almost always keeps 60 fps and nothing has changed since the release.

In a skirmish with enemies, the ideal 60 fps is also

Next, we move on to the quality mode, in which serious problems are still observed:

From the very beginning there are drawdowns noticeable to the eye

The situation is no better indoors.

Only on the edge of the location was it possible to find a place where FPS reaches up to 60

When you reach a busy location, the fps drops to 50

It is not entirely clear why this mode exists, but presumably it will be used by owners of VRR TVs (although it should also show strong drawdowns) or future PS6 users!

Now briefly about the ray-traced mode:

If anyone followed the game on the release, then you can remember that this mode initially had incorrect frame-pacing. Now this problem has been fixed and the game runs at a stable 30 fps. But is it worth sacrificing performance for a beautiful picture in a 1st person game? In this case, of course not.

Now you can move on to Xbox Series consoles.

2. Xbox Series S

Let’s start, as always, with the junior console. What graphics modes does it have?

  • Performance (1080p, frame quality priority, stable 60 fps)
  • Quality (1080p, graphics quality priority, 60 fps)

It is not entirely clear why both modes are in 1080p, but apparently there were problems with a higher resolution in the game. Or not?

Let’s get to the tests now. How the project works in performance mode:

At the starting location stable 60 fps

And in the location with enemies, too, everything is stable

In this mode, the ideal 60 frames, except for one moment that I caught by accident:

Most likely this is an isolated case, since I did not succeed in playing it again or in other modes.

However, the performance mode seems to be useless at the moment, because the quality mode has exactly the same frame rate and better graphics. I will show the differences in more detail below.

Now to the tests:

Surprisingly, nothing has changed!

And here too there is no difference.

I did not manage to reproduce the past fall in the frame rate

After the above tests, you may have a question: why two modes? I do not know either. Perhaps there will still be locations in the middle or end of the game that will make the poor Series S sweat, but in the first hours of the game I did not notice this.

I mentioned earlier that quality mode has better graphics. I give examples in the form of screenshots below:

Left – performance, right – quality

There is a decent difference in draw distance, as well as slightly better shadows. The choice seems to be obvious!

3. Xbox Series X

The Series X has exactly the same modes as the PS5.

  • Performance (medium resolution 1440p, 60 fps)
  • Quality (dynamic 4K, up to 60 fps)
  • Ray tracing (4K, 30 fps)
  • Performance mode (1080p, 120 fps)

The graphics are essentially identical to the PS5 version (at least I personally didn’t notice any difference), but what about the frame rate? Let’s start with performance mode:

Expected stable 60 fps

And it’s all good here

Now let’s move on to the quality mode, which shows very interesting results compared to the PS5:

Almost stable 60 fps, wow!

Stable frame rates in interiors

When colliding with enemies, fps still drops a lot

As a result, the quality mode in open spaces mostly stays very close to the ideal 60 fps, but as soon as an action or more complex scene starts, the frame rate drops to almost 50.

And let’s finally look at the trace mode:

30fps, stable

There is not much to add here, this is exactly the same mode as on the PS5. You should enable it only for the sake of beautiful screenshots.


Let’s briefly go through each console.

one) PS5 – On it, the best option is to play in performance mode, since the tracing mode is a pain, and the quality mode has very large drawdowns even in the most harmless scenes.

The 120 fps mode, as I already wrote above, did not work out to test, so I can’t say anything about it, but if there are really stable 120 fps, then it might be worth playing with it. The same goes for the Series X.

2) Xbox Series S – There are differences in graphics between the performance and quality modes, and the difference in frame rate is not noticeable at all. It may be worth playing with improved graphics if the game still has the same ideal performance in later stages.

3) Xbox Series X fared better than the PS5, at least in Quality mode. If you have a display with VRR support, you might want to play the game in this mode, as the resolution is almost close to 4K in it. However, if you have a TV or monitor without all the innovations, then you should stop at the performance mode.

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