test is not for average minds

test is not for average minds
test is not for average minds

September 20, 2022 16:15

Find out if you can be called a true connoisseur of art.

The name that the master gave to his work can tell a lot about it, and sometimes even become the most important key to understanding the meaning inherent in it. There are many picturesque and graphic paintings in the world, the name of which can bewilder the average viewer – but not the connoisseur of art, able to appreciate the author’s intention. So, for example, there are two well-known paintings with the same name – “Breakfast on the Grass” (in the original – Le dejeuner sur l’herbe). One of them was written in 1863, the second – three years later, in 1866. The names of the authors were also almost identical: the first painting was painted by Edouard Manet, the second by Claude Monet. The fact is that the work of Edouard Manet at one time made a lot of noise in Parisian cultural circles. In the picture he created, in the bosom of nature, two dressed men were depicted in the company of an absolutely naked young lady – an unheard of thing for that time. At the same time, the naked lady did not bashfully hide her eyes, like some kind of Venus, but boldly looked directly at the viewer. Claude Monet was so impressed with this canvas that he decided to create his own, albeit one that complies with moral standards.

How good are you at art? Take our famous painting names quiz and get an honest answer.

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