USB ports and cables will be marked with maximum speed and power

Determining the speed of a particular USB port or cable will soon become much easier. The USB standardization organization USB-IF decided to get rid of the USB SuperSpeed ​​or USB4 marketing designations, replacing them with specific indications of power and data transfer rates.

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Three types of designations for ports on devices have been proposed: one is used on the packaging, the rest are on the body of the gadget itself. On the box, it will be a red and blue Certified USB logo, as well as a data transfer rate designation: 5, 10, 20 or 40 Gb / s. The USB4 2.0 standard of 80 Gb/s may be available some time later. If the device supports not only data transfer, but also USB charging, the designations must be applied over the battery icon.

For chargers, there are two versions designed for easy and fast charging: Certified USB Charger and Certified USB Fast Charger respectively with a supported power rating in watts. True, it is a little puzzling that on the sample “fast charging” is limited to only 100 watts, and just “charging” is 240 watts. There is a version that the term “fast charging” means the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) USB-PD 3.0 standard, which provides for the ability to adjust the voltage depending on the battery charge level.

Finally, there are two versions of USB-C cable labels: for packaging and for the cable itself. The red and blue logo for the packaging is accompanied by indicators of charging power and data transfer speed. On the cable itself, the version of the logo is simplified. The exception is the Hi-Speed ​​USB cable, which combines the legacy USB 2.0 protocol at 480 Mbps and the USB-PD 3.1 standard with power, for example, 60 or 240 W – only power is indicated there.

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