Not a good sign: A signal of danger to the Earth has been received from space

Not a good sign: A signal of danger to the Earth has been received from space
Not a good sign: A signal of danger to the Earth has been received from space

May 26, 2023 – VRUBKOVSKE.RU. Satellites have recorded the harbingers of a phenomenon that will bring with it very disturbing consequences for the entire planet. This is what it looks like in pictures of the Earth in the spring of 2023. They were received from the Sentinel-6 satellite, which operates in low Earth orbit (altitude – 1336 kilometers) and monitors the oceans. Different colors in the images indicate different surface temperatures. Here you need to pay attention primarily to the red spots along the equator. Writes Life.

This, as you can easily see, is the Pacific Ocean, and a comparison of several of its images creates a “cartoon” of a rather disturbing content: for oceanologists and climatologists, it is obvious that warm masses of water move along the equator from west to east and rest against South America. The picture for April 24 creates the most obvious picture for scientists: a global natural phenomenon is approaching, which is known as El Niño. It means “baby”, “boy” in Spanish. The fact is that this phenomenon historically most often falls on Latin America around Christmas, and it is customary to refer to the baby Christ there as El Niño.

So, what happens to the weather in Peru, Chile and the rest of the countries of this continent during the Christmas holidays is the consequences of a process that begins much earlier. That is, we are now in the pictures and are observing the first preparations, the first signs of this phenomenon.

What exactly is happening: Normally, the wind in the Pacific Ocean blows from east to west and thus accumulates warm water on the left side, near Eurasia. But every few years, the easterly trade winds periodically subside, so the warm wave begins to move to the right, towards the Americas. It is hundreds of kilometers wide and thousands in length.

And it brings heavy rains and downpours throughout Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru – in general, approximately at the junction of two continents. But at the same time, it gets very hot in the northwestern United States and western Canada, and very dry in the eastern American states. And in general, anomalous warming is observed all over the planet. For example, before the famous summer of 2010, the winter of 2009-2010, another El Niño just happened. Hot 2016 was also the year of the “boy”.

So, in the US National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA) stated that they are 90% confident in the onset of a new El Niño in 2023. According to forecasts of climatologists, it will last until the winter. They believe that ocean surface temperatures will likely rise by at least one degree Celsius, possibly as much as one and a half degrees. At the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory predict that this means a series of new temperature records in the next 12 months.

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