Brad Pitt presented his sculptures for the first time at an exhibition in Finland

Brad Pitt presented his sculptures at the Sarah Hilden Art Museum in the Finnish city of Tampere. This is reported by The Guardian. Pitt’s sculptures are on display as part of a larger exhibition by British artist Thomas Housego. In total, nine works by the actor are exhibited in Tampere, including a sculpture of bullets frozen in transparent silicone, a large-scale rectangular bronze art object depicting arms, legs and faces trying to break through metal, and a miniature of a house made of wood.

Works by Brad Pitt (Photo by @BradPittPlanB·Twitter)

“For me, these works represent a process of introspection. Research into where I went wrong in my relationship, where I stumbled, what I was involved in, ”said Brad Pitt at the opening of the exhibition. “It’s a process of radical self-inventory, where you decide to be really honest with yourself, taking into account situations where you may have been wrong and could be the abode of someone.”

The exhibition also features ceramic works by Australian musician Nick Cave, for whom the exhibition also became a debut. “For me and Nick, this is a new world and our first such experience. And it seems right,” said Brad Pitt in a commentary to the Finnish broadcaster Yle at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

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