Oldest museum in the Philippines launches RM-inspired BTS exhibition ‘Namjooning’

The UST Museum is the Museum of Arts and Sciences of the University of Santo Tomas. It is the oldest existing museum in the Philippines as it originated as “Gabinete de Fisica, or viewpoint of the mineral, botanical and biological collections in the 17th century“. His latest exhibition UST Goes Namjooning: Capturing Moments on Campus.

Launched to reintroduce UST’s history and culture, the exhibit was inspired by a social media term coined by the leader bts RM. “namjoon” is a term that originated in the summer of 2019, when members bts went on vacation. When ARMY asked RMwhat he does, on Weverse, he replied: “I am namjoon“.

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Since “namjoon”became a definition of the type of occupation. “namjoon» refers to visiting museums, interacting with nature, cycling, appreciating architecture and public art, reading, and any personal activity for self-care and relaxation.

So the UST Museum is using this to inspire young people to act like RM and appreciate art, visit museums UST Goes Namjooning: Capturing Moments on Campus is an interactive exhibition. Works of art are displayed here, as well as goods and stands bts. The exhibition opened on Tuesday 13 September and will run until 21 October. Entrance to it is free.

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