Top 8 Horror/Thriller Movies 2022-2023 to watch

Top 8 Horror/Thriller Movies 2022-2023 to watch
Top 8 Horror/Thriller Movies 2022-2023 to watch

My new selection of thrillers and horror that you might have missed. This time I have 8 films released in 2022-2023. Let’s not waste time and get started.

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8. “Ghosts of the past” (2022)

MovieSearch Rating: 5.4

“Ghosts of the Past” is a psychological horror with elements of a drama about the experience of loss and life after it.

The main character, who once lost a child, is now pregnant again. And during bed rest, she will have to face the ghosts of her past, which can harm her new unborn child.

The movie is not embroidered for the mass audience, but rather not for the one who loves slow dramas with elements of the paranormal.

By the way, the main role here was played by Melissa Barrera, known for the new parts of “Scream”

7. Don’t Knock (2023)

MovieSearch Rating: 5.1

The first work of debutant directors Jonas Pajunen and Max Seek.

The film came out interesting and there is definitely something in it. In the story, two sisters and a brother return to the childhood home where their parents disappeared. The guys decide to prepare the house for sale, but they are faced with evil, which has its own plans.

6. Ivanna (2022)

MovieSearch Rating: 5.2

An Indonesian horror film based on the novel of the same name by writer Risa Saraswati. The film is a spin-off of Danur 2: Madda and part of the Danur universe. Having lost her parents, a nearly blind teenage girl, along with her younger brother, comes to visit friends.

Being in a warm friendly company, the guys discover a basement, and in the basement – a strange headless sculpture. That same night, the girl hears and sees ghosts who are trying to tell her something. The story turned out to be interesting, unusual, intriguing and very attracting the attention of the viewer. The production itself is quite simple, but at the same time, the tense atmosphere is maintained throughout the film.

5. “Conjuration of Abizu” (2022)

MovieSearch Rating: 5.2

The film has nothing to do with the famous franchise “The Conjuring”

Oliver Park’s picture with Nick Blood and Emily Weissman about how the couple are trying to fight their unborn child from the demon Abizu. Turning to a community that is known for solving such things, the heroes put everything at stake, but events still unfold like a falling domino tape. In suspense, the picture holds perfectly, and here is also an unexpected ending.

4. “Child of Darkness. Exorcism” (2022)

MovieSearch Rating: 4.9

The Mexican horror film, based on mythology, of course, has nothing to do with the film “Child of Darkness”. In Huesera, we see the everyday nightmare that the pregnant Valerie has to face – the demon Bone Lady has moved into her, and the girl will have to fight him for the sake of herself and her unborn child. The cinema is definitely not for everyone – its own mythology, icy cold and a well-built spring of action are attached.

3. “Cocaine Bear” (2023)

MovieSearch Rating: 5.9

A funny trash movie about how a bear ate drugs and began to shred everyone left and right, and the main character of the film lost her daughter in the forests where the stoned bear walks…

I advise all fans of thrash and blood, you will really like it, yes, I know that the painted bear for 2023 looks so-so, but this is most likely done on purpose.

P.S Don’t be fooled by the inscription “Based on a true story”, yes, in reality there was a bear who ate too much cocaine thrown from an airplane and then just died, that’s all.

2. “Smile” (2022)

MovieSearch Rating: 6.3

Last year’s hit, which collected a good box office at the global box office.

The main character, a psychiatrist, who witnessed the suicide of the patient, begins to pursue the essence, with the help of smiles from outsiders.

The movie reminded me of such films as Truth or Dare, It (2014) and The Ring.

1. “Rise of the Evil Dead” (2023)

MovieSearch Rating: 6.6

The long-awaited return to the screens of the legendary story of Sam Raimi

The film, surprisingly, came out very cool, which is a rarity for sivels, remakes, etc.

According to the plot, it turns out that her husband left her, leaving her with three children, and their residential complex will soon be demolished, and a new house has not yet been found. Deciding to talk to her sister alone, Ellie sends the kids out for pizza. On the way back, they experience an earthquake, a sinkhole forms in the parking lot, and the older Danny finds an ancient mysterious tome and records there. Out of curiosity, having opened the book and listened to the recordings, the boy releases evil forces that immediately inhabit his mother and will now try to drag everyone present to hell, and this is where the fun begins!

The movie stays close to the original, which is just as good, and there’s a lot of gore, lots of sharp objects, and the characters act logically. Overall, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet!

And this is where my selection comes to an end, share your opinion, advise something else good to watch, see you soon!

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