Strengthening dollar may herald a collapse in oil prices

Strengthening dollar may herald a collapse in oil prices
Strengthening dollar may herald a collapse in oil prices

cfnc: The article, by the way, talks about one of the most important aspects of the conflict – this is exactly the scenario that Reagan used in his time …
I have repeatedly spoken about the danger of such a scenario – and I was very afraid of it at the very beginning of this … mmm … dramatic cycle – at the very beginning, when Lukashenka, as I remember right now, complained about the rise in oil prices right up to $ 30 per barrel…
Today the situation has changed and I personally see 2 differences – both from the “size matters” series.
1. the actual size of the US national debt and its relation to GDP, otherwise the ability to repay such a potential debt will be lost and, which, perhaps, I repeat, it is even more important in the current situation to serve it without worsening the situation itself. , which certainly undermines the very foundations of the dollar world and contradicts the actual goals that they will try to achieve in the fight against inflation. Print about a trillion a year purely for debt service and at the same time aggressively raise the rate reminds me of the old joke about taking sleeping pills and laxatives at the same time.
2. the actual amount of inflation and the size of the rate … how effective is it to raise the rate to 3.5% with official inflation of 9%.

cfnc: P.S. Let me remind you that the most dramatic precedent of inflation growth in the era of President Carter, inflation with peaks of up to 15%, was broken by the strong-willed decision of the Fed under the chairmanship of Paul Volcker to raise the rate above inflation by 4% -!!! – inflation 15% – rate 19%! !!
By the way, it’s very funny to read the excuses of Bernanke, who, in fact, opened Pandora’s box …

cfnc: curious observation…
Paul Walker’s height is 2m.01cm
Try asking Bernanke’s height)))
Yes, yes, I mean physical growth. I don’t have real numbers. But the external feeling is around 160 cm, it looked especially impressive next to the guards)

Galina: where are all the alarmists?

Galina: previous page is some kind of cemetery with mourners and orderlies)

Galina: lan. the couple is storming me from the road – tomorrow I’ll show you Kuz’kin’s mother)

stillet: Cfnc (07:06), absolutely right! this is an objective process – the collapse of the USSR only prolonged the existence of imperialism, we found ourselves on a train going downhill. Therefore, China will switch to foreign trade settlements in yuan, not to hurt the United States and destroy the Jamaican exchange rate system, but for its own survival.

stillet: Russia has created the conditions for a more or less painless transition to a different model in the political sphere, it’s up to China.

Sea: Galina (08:09), move away from panic.
but don’t get the “kuzkina” and everyone is so nervous, they will completely scatter.

leto: Galina (08:16), returned .. even thought you were locked in the bathhouse

cfnc: stillet (08:29), let’s see. finally, yes, I think the question, as it is fashionable to say now, is existential

cfnc: Looks like DAX gave up at the same time as Euro

Sea: what is it that the euro got so bad in the morning …

Sea: stillet (08:32), Cfnc (10:09), we should not lose the gene pool during the transition.

cfnc: If everything goes in the current direction, DAX to the area of ​​​​12000. given the fact that the “happy” owners of the German funds have already sank indirectly by 17 percent due to the fall, contrary to the forecasts of the local FH Guru and the like, the euro … them, judging by for now, according to wicky, an absolute fall awaits

cfnc: Sea (10:15), tell this to Chancellor Merkel with 2 million refugees … to the British with Sunak ignored by them arrogantly, tell the Americans with BLM on the one hand and LGBT for intellectuals on a completely different

The article is in Russian

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