The sea station in the center of Sevastopol is going to be sold for the debts of Sevmorport

The movable and immovable property of the Sevastopol seaport is going under the hammer – this is the stage of the promised “financial recovery” that the miserable GUPS is going through today. At the same time, Sevmorport itself can only fight for the price at which it will be sold.

Under real threat is now the seaport near the Grafskaya pier, on Nakhimov Square, 5, along with a complex of auxiliary buildings and the right to lease the territory. At the same time, according to the expert, their cost is such that the labor collective thinks: maybe they should chip in themselves?

Is federalization inevitable?

The reasons for the difficult economic situation of Sevmorport are clear – sanctions, and now even a special operation, do not allow the use of resources in full force. However, inept management, alas, also cannot be discounted.

Recall: the intentional bankruptcy by the authorities of Sevastopol of the port owned by the city back in 2019 was suspected by the head of the control and audit department of the city government Sergey Elizarov. After that, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, who was governor at that moment, made an urgent statement about the need to transfer the port to federal ownership. Later, the new governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, refused to federalize the enterprise, but the boats and ferries operating on intracity routes, together with their income and expenses, were transferred to the jurisdiction of the GUPS “Sevelektroavtotrans im. A.S. Krupoderova”.

However, as follows from the appeal of the trade union committees of the port to the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol, which is available to ForPost, they nevertheless returned to the federalization plan. The document addressed to the head of the committee on economics, Yevgeny Dubovik, speaks of the creation by the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of an organization that will deal with the ports of Sevastopol, Feodosia and Kerch – the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Research and Design Institute of Testing Machines, Instruments and Measuring Instruments” (LLC “NIKIMP”).

At the same time, NIKIMP will not accept all the property of the Sevmorport and not all of its staff. The letter to the deputies states that the most profitable assets, those located in Kamyshovaya Bay, will move to another level of management. Out of a team of 470 people, according to preliminary information, 312 people are planned to be hired by the new enterprise.

After that, the port will be left with a revenue of 2.3 million rubles a year, which is not enough to pay salaries even to the rest of the team, not to mention other expenses. This is how Sevmorport sees its prospects for its income.

The Committee on Economics promised those who applied to discuss the problem during the autumn session, but in the meantime, he began to collect information for a full analysis of the situation.

At the call of duty

It is difficult to predict how long federalization will last. But the figure of today’s debt of the port is known – 175 million rubles. The port’s assets have been seized and are gradually being sold under the hammer.

“There are debts both for taxes and in favor of individuals and legal entities. If the amount of the debt is not paid off according to the executive document, then the bailiff, in accordance with the requirements of the federal law, takes measures to seize the property and transfer it for sale, ”the bailiffs confirmed.

As the head of the department, the captain of the internal service of the UFSSP of Russia for Sevastopol, Natalia Protsyuk, told ForPost, the arrested objects are located in Kamyshovaya Bay, in the center of Sevastopol, and in other places.

“The Sevastopol seaport has a significant amount of real estate. There are objects that are described both there and there – everything that the debtor himself offered us and that the bailiffs described during the enforcement. The evaluation process is currently underway. If the parties do not appeal against it, the objects will be transferred for implementation, ”she specified.

The evaluation of a number of objects has already been completed, and they – not necessarily of a specialized purpose – appear at the FSSP auctions.

However, Sevmorport itself and the licensed appraisers involved by the UFSSP differ greatly on the issue of property value. For example, a 130-meter three-room apartment near Victory Park was originally priced at half the price – at the price of a modest kopeck piece. The court, to which the seaport applied, saw violations in the assessment and determined a new starting price for the apartment.

One more example. The market value of each of the four non-self-propelled barges was first estimated at 1,238,000 rubles, in total – slightly less than 5 million rubles. Sevmorport filed a lawsuit, and as a result, the cost of the barges increased to 3,869,000 rubles, 4,192,000 and 4,275,000 (two barges), in total – to almost 17 million. With such a starting price, the barges will be put up for auction.

Judgment on another claim increased the value of the objects owned by the port by 6 and even 7 times: power line No. 2 after the trial went up from 243 thousand rubles to one and a half million, and power line No. 40 – from 282 thousand to almost two million.

This, of course, is not 1 ruble, for which they were going to sell berths and barges under Dmitry Ovsyannikov, but it is also impressive.

An important moment for the case: as Natalia Protsyuk explained, the visit of an expert appraiser to the object is not mandatory: someone needs it to obtain additional information, and someone needs photos.

“The expert is warned of criminal liability when giving unreliable, false information on property valuation. According to the data given by the expert, he is criminally liable, ”she emphasized in a conversation with ForPost.

However, the role of bailiffs is not limited to the mechanical transmission of numbers. As stated in the court decision on the barges, the contradictions that led to the underestimation of their market value “were of a clear nature and could be established by the bailiff,” but were not established. However, the judge did not see any crime in that particular case.

Sell ​​without looking

Now the Arbitration Court of Sevastopol is considering the claim of Sevmorport, which disagrees with the assessment of the port complex located near Nakhimov Square. The lawsuit was filed on September 1, and at the first court session, to which only a representative of Sevmorport came, unexpected details of the case were revealed.

As it turned out, the port authorities learned about the preparation for the auction of the entire complex of facilities of the seaport almost by accident. There was no usual notification through the website of public services, as with other objects, and the unpleasant news surfaced during the negotiation with DIZO of the cost of renting the premises of the sea terminal.

“And then the DIZO specialist privately said:“ But you sell these objects, ”a representative of the port said at the trial.

The entire complex of the seaport is estimated at 84 million rubles, of which the seaport itself pulled only 25 million and 31 million – the right to lease the territory. Another 28 million was added to the price of the rest of the facilities – from the checkpoint with the rotunda to auxiliary administrative buildings, a garage, workshops and a toilet. For comparison: the sea terminal in Yalta, which is in a much sadder state, was estimated at 200 million rubles.

At the same time, according to the representative of the port, the appraiser – mainland VAK LLC – was not on the territory of the sea terminal (this is a sensitive facility, and data on all crossing checkpoints are recorded by the security service). However, this, as indicated above, is not a reason to talk about a clear violation of the assessment methodology. Whether there are violations and what they are, it will become clear after the consideration of the case.

In the meantime, Sevmorport insists on suspending the sale of its property until it is revalued.

The next court hearing will take place on October 4.


What is the roadmap for bringing the Sevastopol Seaport out of the crisis? What is the support promised to the port by the city authorities?
Is it necessary to keep the port (including that part of it located in the center of Sevastopol) in state ownership, or does the imminent transfer of these assets to private hands not pose risks for the development of the city?
What are the possible options for the development of the territory of the seaport if it goes into private ownership?

We are awaiting answers to these questions, already posed to the Department of Transport of Sevastopol.

Svetlana Kosinova

The article is in Russian

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