BTS’s RM donates 100 million won to the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation Overseas

RM from bts made another significant donation. On September 15, the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korea Cultural Heritage Overseas Foundation announced that RM recently donated 100 million won (approximately $71,800) to the Fund for the Preservation, Restoration and Use of Cultural Property Overseas.

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In September 2021 RM donated 100 million won to the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation. According to the foundation, the donations were used to work to preserve the Joseon Dynasty hwarot — traditional Korean clothing worn only by women from the ruling family on ceremonial occasions during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties — at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The additional 100 million won that the idol donated this year will be used to create a catalog featuring Korean paintings.

RM was also recognized as one of the main patrons of 2020 after lending part of his sculpture collection “Horse” to the sculptor kwon jin kyu Seoul Art Museum and donated 100 million won to the National Museum of Modern Art. Besides, RM posted photos on social media of him visiting art museums and galleries across the country. Museums visited RMare gaining popularity, becoming part of “RM Tour‘, proving the influence RM in the Korean art industry.

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