What happened to my iPhone 13 Pro Max battery. For a month minus five percent capacity

I have been using iPhone 13 Pro Max since October 2021. All these months, I was absolutely satisfied with its battery life, although at first I even stress tested the smartphone, using it to the maximum.

Practice has shown that the battery capacity is sufficient to put “emergency” charging out of the backpack and not worry that the gadget will not survive until the evening.

To the point:

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▪️ Why I stopped worrying about how long my iPhone will last on a single battery charge

And so it was until September. I charged my iPhone only with a native charger and cable, did not turn off “smart” power management and battery capacity in August decreased by only one percent.

And then I installed the public release of iOS 16 and everything broke.

September minus five percent

The dark screen was taken in July, the light screen was taken on September 21st.

After installing iOS 16, I used my smartphone almost the same as before. I spent the same time on applications and instant messengers, only now I started to launch games a little more often to distract myself from the disturbing news agenda.

This can be seen if we compare the data on the battery:

The dark screen was taken in June, the light screen was taken on September 21. The difference in the time of using the smartphone is not too significant.

And yet, the battery has lost more than one or three, as much as five percent, dropping to 94% in less than a month. This is the rate of battery wear!

The main question is: can fresh iOS 16 be to blame? It looks like yes.

We unpacked our iPhone 13 Pro Max with Nikita on the same day and use these smartphones more or less the same. So he claims that his battery capacity dropped from 99 to 94 percent immediately after installing the first beta version of iOS 16.

This happened in June and since then the capacity value has also been at the level of 94%. I also used “beta” from the very first, but my update from iOS 15 did not affect this parameter literally until the very last moment.

But now Nikita and I are equal in numbers. Both have a battery capacity wear rate of 94%.

It feels like my smartphone works without charging as much as before. In fact, apart from the numbers in the battery settings, nothing has changed, so if you notice after installing iOS 16, you have the same sharp “negative jump» battery capacity in settings – don’t worry.

It’s just that the new iOS is more honest than the previous one and shows this parameter correctly.

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