Svetlana Bogacheva from a viral thread has become a meme. Who is she?

Memes about Svetlana Vladimirovna Bogacheva, who deceived the girl for three years, inventing different personalities, went viral on Twitter. After the exposure, the story spread across the Russian Internet, and the scammer was on a par with Billy Milligan and the character in the movie “Split”.

Who is Svetlana Bogacheva

It all started with a thread that on September 11, 2022

on Twitter, stand-up comedian Tanya Schukina (@tanchaizer). In a series of posts, she told a story about a woman who led her family by the nose for three years. Svetlana Bogacheva pretended to be sick with cancer, swindled money, wrote on behalf of other personalities.

For three years I lived with Svetlana Vladimirovna Bogacheva. Saved her from cancer, corresponded with her doctors, psychologists. The FSB officer with whom I am familiar – it turns out that he did not communicate with me. It was Sveta. In the Russian Federation they were NOT looking for me! Sorry, this is a thread. I lived with a schizophrenic swindler for three years

According to the author, Bogacheva suffers from schizophrenia. When the deception was revealed, the woman confessed everything on camera.

Svetlana Vladimirovna Bogacheva

Svetlana Bogacheva worked as a doctor in a hospital in St. Petersburg, so she imitated seizures and necrosis. She communicated with the victim on behalf of a psychotherapist and an oncologist, who allegedly confirmed her story. The thread impressed many people and gained more than 8 thousand likes.

Shchukina said that she was approached by the AST publishing house with a proposal to write a book based on the story.

In memes, many saw not only scope for a full-fledged book, but also the ground for film adaptation. A thriller about three years of life with Svetlana Vladimirovna Bogacheva and her personalities is already expected from Netflix.

Memes about Svetlana Vladimirovna Bogacheva

Like many viral Twitter threads, this one quickly became the basis for jokes. At first, users discussed the story, bringing some points to the point of absurdity and recalling other threads. For example, about “Vegan Cafe Freak”.

Later, comparisons were made with other popular culture characters who suffered from a split personality. For example, the heroes of the movie “Split”, “Being John Malkovich” and the criminal Billy Milligan.

who is svetlana bogacheva

The trend reached its peak of popularity on the evening of September 12th. By that time, the topic had become trending on Twitter, and memes about Bogacheva went beyond the social network. The woman got on postironic pictures and parody posters.


who is svetlana bogacheva


who is svetlana bogacheva











tanya schukina twitter standup


tanya schukina twitter standup


tanya schukina twitter standup


tanya schukina twitter standup

Twitter threads and sraches often become memes. So at the end of August it became a confrontation between lovers of heat and cold. The parties ironically called each other “hot-fucks” and “cold-fucks”.

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