Engels | A selection of e-books to read on vacation “Summer, Friendship, Adventure”


Children of all ages look forward to summer holidays as an incredibly exciting, fantastically mysterious time when unexpected discoveries and pleasant acquaintances happen. This is the time when the characters of “summer” literary works become especially close, and their actions and adventures are understandable and exciting, because almost all of them, together with readers, live in the same time period under the beautiful name “Summer”. Also, summer-themed books are a time of rest from serious literature, when you can plunge into a sea of ​​adventure, humor, laughter and joy.

The chief bibliographer of the Central City Library, Natalya Svetlakova, offers library users to use the collections of e-books for the summer for students of different grades, using free access to the National Electronic Library portal and the NEB Light mobile application.

These are universal lists of literature for schoolchildren, which are suitable for most educational programs in Russian schools.

The National Electronic Library (NEB) is a state information system that unites the digitized collections of Russian libraries, including the largest federal libraries.

Portal Specialists.National Electronic Library» introduce young researchers and their parents to books that are interesting to read at any age. The Boring Reading collection contains books by famous authors, divided into several groups depending on age. The selection includes kind and instructive tales, stories and adventures familiar to many, both fictional and based on real events, as well as deep psychological stories!

Also, with the National Electronic Library during the summer holidays, you can enrich your horizons:

– flip through colorful posters,

– look at unique manuscripts, for example, Remezov’s Atlas of Siberia,

– listen to Pushkin’s fairy tales or Kuprin’s stories in voice acting.

Also, watch informative special projects dedicated to writers:

“Whoever is told to tweet, don’t purr!” (Korney Chukovsky)

“I am a child of the age, a child of disbelief and doubt…” (Fyodor Dostoevsky)

Valentin Petrovich Kataev

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin

The mobile application “NEB Light” was created for everyone who is constantly learning and wants to know even more. The free library contains an extensive collection of world classics – masterpieces of literature that are on everyone’s lips.

Mobile application editionNEB Light» The Russian State Library has collected reading lists for schoolchildren “Books for the Summer!” . All literature is in one service, it is available and free. The lists contain recommendations of works for different curricula – from elementary grades to high school. You can read books in the mobile application “NEB Light” and in its web version.

If you read books in a mobile application: go to the “Relevant” tab and scroll down, select a class, open a selection and add all the books to your “Favorites” so that the necessary works are not lost and are always at hand. Books from the list for the summer will be reflected in the “I will read” section in the “My Books” tab.

Point your device’s camera at the QR code to download the application “NEB Light»

Works can be read both online and offline. To read without Internet access, you must download the book to your device (the “Download” button).

To read all the books on the list, it is important not to lose momentum. To do this, the application provides “Statistics”: it will help you set the amount of time that the user is ready to devote to reading daily, monitor progress and the number of books read for the selected period.

Specialists of the Engels Library System are also waiting for you for printed books within the walls of the libraries according to the work schedule of the branches of the MBU “EMR Centralized Library System”.

Chief Bibliographer of the Central City Library

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