The revived VAZ-2105 Zhiguli 2022-2023 is presented. For only 500 thousand rubles and in a completely different body?

AvtoVAZ today finds itself in an unusual position: at the same time, it has difficulties not only to expand, but also to maintain the current model range, and there are opportunities for a sharp increase in revenues. Probably for this reason, the Volga Automobile Plant recently announced its intention to significantly increase production volumes. However, the enterprise will not be able to achieve this goal without increasing the number of models produced. It will not be possible to achieve this by expanding the Niva, Granta and Vesta families, since the number of bodies that AvtoVAZ can produce will soon run out.

In addition, taking into account the decrease in purchasing power and a noticeable increase in the cost of all cars, the company will have to develop a new, most affordable model. But, as noted above, AvtoVAZ is still experiencing problems with the supply of components. In this regard, the new model should be as simple as possible. The domestic designer showed what such a car could be like. He published a series of renders depicting the modern VAZ-2105 Zhiguli 2022-2023.


The likelihood of such a model appearing in the AvtoVAZ product line is largely due to the fact that the Granta, which is still the company’s cheapest car, has become expensive. Today, dealers began to ask for more than a million rubles, even for medium configurations. But the purchasing power of many Russians has declined. That is, the audience of potential buyers of Grants has narrowed, which may lead to a fall in the total income of AvtoVAZ in the near future. The new VAZ-2105 will help to avoid such consequences.

This model, as conceived by the author of the renderers, will turn out to be very simple. Thanks to this, the car will cost about 500 thousand rubles. The new VAZ-2105 will receive a minimum of options that are found in modern cars. Given the temporary changes in the country’s legislation, it can be assumed that the presented model will not even be equipped with airbags and ABS. Although AvtoVAZ, at least with the supply of the first, has already resolved the issue. Since August, sales of Grants with airbags have begun in Russia. It can also be expected that the technical part of the VAZ-2105 will be simplified as much as possible. And this, in turn, will help AvtoVAZ to load production capacity and increase sales in the face of a sharp shortage of components. In addition, the release of a car with a simplified engine will make the company less dependent on imports. This means that the revival of the VAZ-2105 can be a profitable solution.



Despite the fact that in this case we are talking about the revival of the VAZ-2105 Zhiguli 2022-2023 (rumors about this appeared in the spring of 2022), the new sedan will differ from its predecessor. Subject to the implementation of the presented project, AvtoVAZ will make several changes to make the car more modern. But the body, as the designer suggests, will retain its previous configuration.


The new VAZ-2105 will have the same look as its predecessor. The sedan will be released in a square body with sharp transitions between individual parts and almost vertical pillars. The doors will still have the same simple look. That is, it is not necessary to say that the new VAZ-2105 will turn out to be a comfortable car. But it is simplicity, as noted earlier, that will make it the cheapest car on the Russian market.

All changes that will occur in the VAZ-2105 in preparing it for the market will affect only the front and rear parts of the body. But the designer suggests that AvtoVAZ will also adapt the car to off-road by increasing the ground clearance, adding a wide plastic body kit and wide arches that hide small wheels with a new pattern.


The most noticeable changes are expected in the front. Here, according to the developer, they will install square headlights that visually resemble those used on the original VAZ-2105. But they will be supplemented with LED strips, one of which will connect the head optics. The presented VAZ-2105 Zhiguli 2022-2023 received a new, larger radiator grille with a honeycomb pattern and two horizontal slats on which the company badge is attached. The front bumper has also grown in size, which is now complemented by huge side air intakes. But they are more likely to play a decorative role. From below, a ledge is visible, giving the car a sporty look.

The rear of the body still contains a rectangular luggage compartment. New lights are installed under its cover. Their shape also remained the same, but now they are complemented by LED strips. In addition, the rear bumper is presented in the form of a wide plastic body kit. The interior of the presented model will most likely be copied from the original VAZ-2105. That is, inside the new sedan will have an abundance of hard plastic and fabric seats. The presented model will not receive modern equipment such as air conditioning and multimedia.



The technical part of the new VAZ-2105 is not yet known. It is more likely that this model will have a newly simplified 1.6-liter 8-valve engine with a maximum output of 90 hp under the hood. It is combined with a 5-speed “mechanics”. The new VAZ-2105 will definitely not receive an automatic transmission.


But there is another way to develop this model. Back in the spring, AvtoVAZ did not rule out the possible return of the VAZ-11186 engine to Lada. This unit was installed on Kalina. Its volume is 1.6 liters, the maximum return is 87 hp, torque – 140 N * m. According to a number of experts, the power of this engine can be reduced to 80 hp. It is this version of the engine that the VAZ-2105 Zhiguli 2022-2023 will probably receive.

Start of sales


The launch of the new VAZ-2105 into production will not take long. The car has a simple design, which reduces the time for its development. In addition, AvtoVAZ retained the competencies and technologies necessary to create such a sedan. Therefore, if the company decides to revive the VAZ-2105, then the car may come out in 2023. Author: Fedor Averiev

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