BTS’s RM named in Apollo magazine’s ’40 under 40′ list

Leader bts listed in the Asia Pacific 40 Under 40 list as an art collector. Apollo magazine included RM from bts in the category of “inspiring artists and creative innovators”.

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“Art is able to embrace the world of dreams and chaos. It develops awareness and shows how we perceive this world”, – told RM Apollo magazine.

“RM is not only a member of the famous BTS group, he is also a major art philanthropist. He pays special attention to South Korean artists. His collection contains many works by famous abstract artists. He has works by Yoo Young Kook, Yoon Hyun Geun, Kim Wan Ki, and Kim Chang Yeol. In 2020, the Arts Council of Korea named RM “Sponsor of the Year” in the field of arts. He received this title through a donation to the National Museum of Modern Art in Seoul. The money from the donation was used to reprint various art collections. In the future, these collections will be sent to public libraries throughout the country.“Apollo wrote.

He also donated 100 million won (~$71,530) to the Korea Overseas Cultural Heritage Foundation (OKCHF) last September. This money went to the restoration of the royal clothes of the Joseon era.. Royal dress now located at the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Recently, on the Intersections: The Art Basel podcast, he revealed that he was thinking about having an open exhibition with his collection.”.

Regarding being included in the list of “40 under 40 in Asia-Pacific” RM said: “I am very honored and grateful for this recognition.”

Incidentally, relatively recently RM acted as a speaker at an exhibition at the Museum of Art in Los Angeles. He performed at the exhibition “The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art”. The idol also once again donated 100 million won (~$71,530) to the Korean Overseas Cultural Heritage Foundation (OKCHF). This time, the money from the donation will go towards the restoration and preservation of traditional clothing from the Joseon era.

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