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“Looks worse than a bum.” Life gives Emelianenko the last chance – you have to use it

Alexander Frolov

May 29, 2022

Sasha is in trouble again. Colleagues from Yekaterinburg came to the rescue.

The scandalous Alexander Emelianenko in recent months has been repeatedly suspected of returning to a wild life. Alas, the suspicions of journalists and fans turned out to be true: Alexander frankly came to an interview for Sport24. The athlete looked so bad that he aroused the pity of almost everyone who watched at least a minute of the conversation.

The brother of the Last Emperor could hardly move, staggered and stumbled. There were several bruises and abrasions on Alexander’s face, obviously not received during sparring. Emelianenko spoke slowly and thought badly, sometimes not finding answers even to the simplest questions. The speech of the fighter sounded confused and incomprehensible, despite his sincere desire to communicate with journalists.

Everything that happened looked especially sad, given that in the fall Alexander will have a duel with Vyacheslav Datsik. Naturally, in this state, the training process is absolutely unacceptable, since it threatens with various health risks. The fighting community immediately sounded the alarm: it turned out that Emelianenko Jr. was not indifferent to very many.

“I did not see in this man an athlete who can resist Datsik. I saw a sick person who needs medical attention. If he comes to this fight in the same condition, then I’m worried about his health. I see in him a sick person who should not be let out for battle, ”wrote Ramazan Ismailov, brother of Magomed Ismailov, on social networks.

“I am not a friend and I cannot help him. I would like to turn to his friends, maybe his brother, because you can’t leave a person. It seems to me that a few more months, and we will not see Alexander again. Judging by his condition, he can’t even walk. Maybe something happened in his life. I dont know. But people drink out of desperation. No offense to Alexander, but he looks worse than a bum, ”said Alexander Shlemenko in an interview on the Boxing TV YouTube channel.

Fortunately, there were immediately those who decided to help Emelianenko. The founder of Hardcore FC Anatoly Sulyanov said that now Alexander is in a rehabilitation sports center in Yekaterinburg. There, the brother of the Last Emperor not only receives the necessary assistance, but even started training. The current state of the fighter will show the press conference, which will take place in a few weeks.

Vocational rehabilitation is exactly what Emelianenko needs now. But it is possible to recover completely from alcohol dependence only if the patient himself wishes. Let’s hope that Alexander will not miss the chance, which in such a situation can always be the last. May this talented person finally defeat his demons.

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